4 Places Requiring Asbestos Removal in Mass

When it comes to asbestos removal in Mass, there are several places the fiber may show its ugly face. Often associated with construction, asbestos concerns may arise with remodeling projects. However, there are a few pieces of information to keep in mind when tackling a residential or commercial renovation project. For example, asbestos removal is typically not a concern with newer structures.

Now don’t get us wrong, asbestos can show up nearly anywhere, especially when it’s least expected. However, below are four common places that asbestos has been known to lurk. Before beginning any project, it’s imperative to be aware of these areas (among others) and when the original construction took place.

Ceiling applications

While popcorn ceilings are the most common applications associated with asbestos, it’s not the only one. Any tiled ceiling may also be at risk for asbestos-containing materials. Depending on the type of material and what lies behind them, you may want to leave that ceiling demolition to the pros.

Roof shingles

Often, trained professionals will inspect questionable shingles before roof repair or replacement. Asphalt shingles are known to contain asbestos, as well as several types of siding. However, unseen to the human eye, only a professional asbestos removal company in Mass will be able to tell for sure if the presence is true.



In most attics, insulation is left exposed. Depending on the year of construction and type of insulation used, the insulation may contain asbestos. So, as you can imagine, renovation or not, this exposed material poses a great risk. With the simple act of bumping into the contaminated insulation, spores may release into the air putting you and your family at risk.

Likewise, insulation found in other places throughout the home can also pose a risk. When it doubt, it’s best to stay clear of exposed insulation and contact your trusted team of professionals.

HVAC Systems

One of the largest areas of concern with HVAC systems falls within the insulation. Many manufactures used asbestos because of the durability, superior fire-resistance, superb soundproofing capabilities, and inexpensive cost. However, once the insulation is disturbed, asbestos can become airborne leading to several health problems.

If you believe that asbestos removal in Mass may be in your future, it’s time to call Allen Young at Atlantic Bay Contracting. Even if you’re not planning on an asbestos encounter, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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