Air Duct Cleaning for Your Allergies

Spring has arrived in New England.  Trees are beginning to bud, flowers are sprouting, and grass is starting to turn green again.  For many, this time of year is also known as allergy season.  Allergies are a hypersensitivity of the immune system to specific elements in the environment.  Suffers are all too familiar with symptoms such as the sniffles, sneezing, puffy red itchy eyes, and coughing.  What if someone told you there was a way to reduce these symptoms in your home? Air duct cleaning should be a part of every homeowner’s spring cleaning list.  Although it is not a cure to your allergies, proper maintenance has been shown to reduce allergic reactions to certain spring pollutants like pollen.

Tree Pollen

Typically beginning in late March to early April, tree pollen effects thousands of individuals every year.  The trickiest part of tree pollen is determining which tree is causing you trouble.  Pine, oak, willow, maple, and birch are all native to New England and produce their own unique type of pollen.  Delivering a fine mist in the air, pollen can easily enter the home through open windows.  Even though we may dust the yellow film from the interior of the home diligently, it’s inevitable that traces will remain.  Not only will there be traces of pollen on our belongings, but it will also enter the air duct system.

Weed Pollen

Bearing its head in July and August, weed pollen keeps many people from enjoying the warm summer months.  As the temperature rises, weeds such as dandelions,  sagebrush, English plantain, and lamb’s quarters arise.  Similarly, pollen from species such as orchard, rye, timothy, and Bermuda grasses produce allergic effects.  However, grass is easily tracked into the home and can be seen and remedied better than most pollens.


Just when allergy suffers thought it was over, ragweed takes it course late August through the first frost.  Often referred to as the biggest troublemaker of all the weeds, a single plant produces millions of pollen grains per day.  Furthermore, ragweed has proven its strength by surviving the winter months.  So not only do you suffer outdoors, but ragweed will continue to haunt you all winter long if it enters your air duct system.


Over time, air ducts gather dust and debris which impacts the air quality of your home.  Environmental factors like pollen are easily trapped evoking allergies and asthmatic symptoms.  Air duct cleaning from Atlantic Bay Contracting provides relief in just one visit.  The certified, trained professionals use advanced techniques to offer more than the standard air duct cleaning provided by many companies.  Contact them today and get a head start to allergy prevention this season (617) 782-4986.