Air Duct Cleaning Versus Air Duct Scrubbing

Over the past 25 years, Atlantic Bay Contracting has assisted many homeowners in improving the quality of their properties.  One of the biggest improvements we have provided to hundreds of homes lies within the air quality our customers, and their families, breathe.  Although your home may be spotless top to bottom, proper air duct scrubbing will have a huge impact on the indoor air quality.  Yes, you read that correctly, we said scrubbing not just air duct cleaning.

Cleaning vs. Scrubbing

Standard, professional air duct cleaning often involves special blowers and vacuums that clean the supply, intake, and return ducts in your home. Though this can be helpful to rid some of the dust and dander that exists, the only way to ensure a proper cleaning is through scrubbing.  Further, scrubbing will not impact the integrity of your ducting as many believe.

The Process

Scrubbing is a process that involves a brush and vacuum method that physically scrubs the inside of your ducts. We first start by cleaning the register covers to remove cooking oil and nicotine film, as well as other dust-collecting substances. Then, we deep clean the source of your air supply (blower, squirrel cage, coils condensation pain, and return air supply). Lastly, we use the Rotobrush AiR ® system before sanitizing your ducts and vents with environmentally-friendly sanitizer that leaves behind a fresh clean scent in your home.

When to Consider Scrubbing

The following events are the perfect times to consider air duct scrubbing in your home:

  • Recent renovations to the inside of the home
  • You’ve noticed visible mold growth
  • There are noticeable contaminants coming out of the duct work
  • You’re a pet owner
  • Onset of allergies

Here at Atlantic Bay, we recommend making air duct cleaning and scrubbing a part of your maintenance routine. As every home is different, habits can determine if more or less frequent attention should be given to your duct work.   Contact us today for your in-home consultation. We would love to explain to you all of the benefits duct scrubbing will offer your home and air quality. You’ll feel the difference, we promise!

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