Understanding Asbestos Containing Materials

Asbestos abatement in Massachusetts covers a wide-topic of materials, regulations, testing, and removal procedures. Although many people understand the necessary information pertaining to asbestos, the topic is much more in-depth than many realize. For instance, asbestos containing materials is a broad category that encompasses a great deal of surfaces. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few of those materials and brief guidelines on handling asbestos waste.

asbestos abatement Massachusetts


Asbestos is a term referring to six naturally occurring silicate minerals. These materials are thin, needle-like fibers that can cause cancer and several diseases with prolonged exposure. Although banned in many countries, the United States has yet to follow suit. However, the Clean Air Act of 1970 banned most spray-applied asbestos applications.

Asbestos Containing Material

Asbestos containing material refers to any material containing 1% asbestos or more. These levels are determined by licensed laboratories using specific protocols created by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The term includes, but is not limited to, sprayed on asbestos applied to ceilings and walls, insulation on pipes, boilers, tanks, ducts, and other equipment, tiles, asphalt roofing, siding materials, and asbestos containing paper.

As you can see, several different materials throughout a structure may contain asbestos. Once used for its strength and fire-resistant properties, asbestos was an everyday go-to in the construction of both residential and commercial structures. Although your property may contain asbestos, it’s typically not a threat unless disrupted.

However, homeowners often find themselves faced with asbestos abatement when renovating both the interior or exterior of their older homes. It’s imperative to remember that asbestos should not be taken on alone. State regulations require specific guidelines to be followed. If you’re uncertain of where to begin, you can check out the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection online, or call our team at Atlantic Bay Contracting.


Asbestos Containing Waste Material

Asbestos containing waste material refers to asbestos containing material that is removed during remodeling or demolition projects. For example, control devices, bags and containers, contaminated clothing, and materials used to enclose the work area during asbestos abatement in Massachusetts are all considered waste materials.

The handling and disposal of these items are just as crucial to the removal of asbestos itself. Again, this task shouldn’t be performed alone. Always contact your licensed asbestos abatement professionals for assistance.

If you believe there may be asbestos in your home or commercial property, contact our team at (617) 782-4986. With decades of experience and recognition, Atlantic Bay Contracting is the number one company for asbestos abatement in Massachusetts.