Why You Should Clean Your Air Ducts for the Winter

The time has come once more. Summer is fading into fall, and the weather here in New England is starting to change. Whether that change is for the better is up to you, but certain things come with the fall. For one, you’re going to be raking leaves before you know it. That probably means a lot of areas around your house need maintenance to prepare for winter. Air duct cleaning is one chore that can’t be ignored. Here are three major reasons you should consider air duct cleaning before the winter comes.

Air Duct Scrubbing

Indoor Pollution

As the weather gets colder, you open your windows less and less often. As that same air circulates through your house over and over again, it’s bound to pick up some dirt and debris. If you don’t clean your air ducts regularly, these pollutants can collect and keep filtering into the air you breathe. Keep on top of your air duct cleaning to prevent indoor air pollution during the winter.


With air pollution comes allergies. Aside from dirt in the air, organisms and dust can collect and irritate your nose and lungs. Dust, pet dander, mold, and fungi are just a few examples of what can get into your ducts and lungs. Filthy air ducts are a significant cause of allergies over the winter. Especially for those suffering from asthma, this dust can lead to asthma attacks and general discomfort.

Pet Care

Everybody loves their pets. Dogs are referred to as man’s best friend for a reason, y’know? However, it’s imperative that those with pets keep on top of air duct cleaning. For one thing, your pet’s dander will collect in your ducts and make breathing in your house harder. For another, dirty air ducts will harm your pet’s health just as it harms yours. Keep a healthy home for you and your pets be cleaning your air ducts before the winter.

Air duct cleaning is one of those chores you should remember every fall. Just like raking leaves clears your yard, cleaning your air ducts clears the flow of air in your home. Call the professionals today. Contact Atlantic Bay Contracting at 617.782.4986 or visit them online!