Should I Clean My Air Ducts?

For homeowners prepping their homes for the winter season, you might be asking yourself one of the most important questions out there, Should I clean my air ducts?”

We’ve talked a lot about allergy causes in the past and how our dirty ducts can contribute to those symptoms. Surprisingly, many people have not considered just how their air ducts could be impacting their indoor air quality and energy efficiency! Here’s a consideration we have for determining when you should consider calling your local air duct cleaners:

These decisions should be made based on your home

Typically, professionals suggest these services being completed every 3-5 years but just like most things in life, the need for this service can vary depending on your home. Do you have pets? Does your region suffer from heavy pollination during certain seasons? Maybe you live in an area that is extremely dusty or windy? You might find these factors could cause you to pick up the phone sooner rather than later.

Similar to how often you should have your air ducts cleaned, it’s also important to consider what time of year. Many will wait for the end of the summer or winter season, but it can vary depending on your individual needs. If you suffer from allergies during a particular season, you might find that you should invest in cleaning towards the end of your usual allergy season, so your ducts are free of those irritants.

For those who have gone years without cleaning their ducts, the time to clean is now! It’s the perfect opportunity to contact a reputable air duct cleaner. There are professionals out there who can make the right suggestion for you, your family, and your home. Something that seems as simple as the air quality management duct cleaning can provide you will significantly improve your day-to-day life!

With more questions about our services or the best times to clean your air duct system, please contact our office today by calling (617) 782-4986.