Have You Considered Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Consider your home appliances for a moment. From small appliances to large ones, every home typically invests in a minimum of five separate major appliances. Of these, consider the top three in your home. If a washer and dryer made the top five list, they are bound to make the top three. Now consider how often you run a clean cycle through your washing machine, and perform dryer vent cleaning. Chances are, you replied with not very often.

As one of the top neglected places in the home, your washer and dryer are essential to maintain. From the towels we dry off with, to the clothing we wear, and the sheets we sleep upon; these two appliances can harbor bacteria that can lead to health concerns. Beyond the machines themselves, the venting is equally important. This article highlights a few considerations to be had if you’re contemplating whether or not dryer vent cleaning is worth the time.


Why your vents need a little TLC

Every year, the U.S. Fire Administration reports that nearly 3,000 fires begin due to unkept clothing dryers. The leading cause of this; lint buildup. Without the proper maintenance to the dryer and the ventilation system, you could be putting your family in danger.


How often should I clean my dryer vent?

The lint trap should be cleared every time you utilize the dryer. A buildup of lint will not only affect the performance of the dryer, but it could lead to several other hazardous issues. For example, if your lint trap has too much of a buildup and you’re running the dryer on a high heat cycle, the chances of a fire starting are significantly increased.

Beyond the routine maintenance of the lint trap, you should add yearly dryer vent cleaning to the honey-do list. However, depending on the size of your household, this could vary in either direction. For the safest plan of action, contacting a local professional is always a good idea.


Signs of lint buildup

  • Your drying cycles are taking longer to thoroughly dry
  • When the cycle ends, your articles of clothing are hotter than normal
  • The exterior of your dryer is hot to the touch
  • The exterior vent flap is not opening or is opening very little
  • You can smell burning when the dryer operates

Should I hire a professional to clean my vents?

Although many homeowners perform dryer vent cleaning on their own, not all lint is removed. By hiring a professional, like Atlantic Bay Contracting, you can be sure your vent system is brought to its optimal performance level. With the use of special scrubbing tools, your vents will not only be free of lint but of harboring bacteria and potential health issues.


For more information on dryer vent cleaning, contact the team at Atlantic Bay Contracting. We’re here to help keep your home’s air-quality as safe as possible. Contact us today at 617.782.4986.