Health Benefits of AC Duct Cleaning

Now that the warmer air has arrived in New England, windows are open, and spring cleaning is underway.  As we know, the hot and hazy days are just a short way away.  Thus, as quickly as we opened the windows, we’ll be closing them and turning on our air conditioning systems.  With AC duct cleaning, you can ensure you and your family the healthiest environment.  At Atlantic Bay Contracting, we ensure a better quality of life for your residential, commercial, and institutional property for years to come.  Our professional air duct scrubbing provides many health benefits for your home.


Mold Contamination

If you have ever noticed any moisture in your basement, chances are there is mold.  However, this is not an immediate cause of alarm; more of a much-needed attention grabber.  When left untreated, moisture in your basement can lead to an array of potentially dangerous issues within the home.  Furthermore, many air quality systems are homed within the basement.  Thus, when your ac or heating system is turned on, air begins to circulate throughout the home.  Any mold or fungus spores that have been hiding out are now giving the freedom to explore your entire home.


Allergy Reduction

Similar to mold in the basement, other elements that may be allergy causing can bury themselves within the duct system.  Thus, when the system is turned on, particles of dust and dander are filtered throughout the home, kicking allergies into high gear.  With expert services, such as duct scrubbing, you can ensure the air you and your family breathe is at its optimal state.  By reducing the causes of allergies, you can make your home a comfortable space for all to enjoy.


Respiratory Relief

When thinking of both mold and allergens, one is led to the ultimate result; respiratory issues.  This broad topic covers a range of issues, from asthma to pneumonia.  By providing optimum air-quality within your home, you can ensure your family relief from these unwanted symptoms.


Because elements such as dust, mold spores, and pet dander settle in duct work, a complete scrubbing of the system can help keep your environment clean.  For more information on how ac air duct cleaning can purify the air in your home or workplace, call Atlantic Bay Contracting at (617) 782-4986 or visit us online. For over 25 years, our experts have been keeping Massachusetts healthy by providing clean, safe air for your home and workplace.