Is Mold Interfering with Your Holidays?

With the holiday season fast approaching, many homeowners are heading down into the basement to pull out buckets of stored decorations. Although this festive time is full of cheer and excitement, it may also be filled with health risks to your family and friends. These risks are centered around the basement as one of the most common areas for mold growth in the home. If you require mold remediation in Massachusetts, it’s time to call the team at Atlantic Bay Contracting. Our experts can help remove contaminated materials, ensuring a safe holiday season for you and your loved ones.

Here are a few more steps you can take this year to help keep your family breathing the safest air possible:


Proper storage is crucial

Again, the basement is the most common area in the house for mold. Due to cracking foundations, failed sump pumps, and leaky windows, water can quickly enter into the basement. Once the water enters, the environment of your basement provides the perfect breeding ground for mold if the water is not promptly removed. Thus, any items that are stored in your basement may be exposed to mold, as well.

Storing items in plastic, airtight containers will help to ensure your belongs stay dry. If you have furniture or other large items that will not fit in a container, consider wrapping them tightly in plastic. Several moving stores can provide you with adequate supplies to accomplish this task.


Cleaning is a must

Several families are changing from fresh-cut trees to artificial ones during the holidays. Although this is wonderful for the environmentally cautious, it can be an extremely harmful element for the air in your home. Along with your artificial tree, any fabric décor or wreaths should also be treated with care.

Before displaying any décor that has been stored away for several months, use precaution by cleaning it off. By taking the added step of bringing your décor outdoors to shake them out before setting them up, you can help release any dust or mold spores that may trigger allergies. If visible mold is present, your safest option is always replacement of the item.


Air purifier

Although an air purifier is an excellent choice for any home year-round, they’re even better during the holiday season. An air purifier that contains a HEPA filter may help to reduce any mold spores that are lingering in the air. With the abundance of products available on the market today, choosing the right purifier for your home can be overwhelming. Check out the latest list released by Forbes on the top 8 air purifiers for your home.


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If you find mold in your home this holiday season, be sure to contact Atlantic Bay Contracting right away. Our expert services in mold remediation in Massachusetts will have your home safe before your guests arrive! Call us today at (617) 782-4986.