How Often Do You Need A Dryer Vent Cleaning?


We all take our dryers for granted. Well, that is until they give us issues. Is your dryer starting to frustrate you? Do you have to run your clothes through an extra cycle to get them fully dry? Well, it might be time for dryer vent cleaning! Taking care of your dryer vents is essential, as it improves efficiency and can prevent fires. Here’s what the professionals at Atlantic Bay Contracting can do to help.


Lint traps


You may be thinking, “Well, I clean my lint trap!” That’s true. You probably regularly clean your dryer vent, but some particles can still make it past the screen mesh. Lint dust and debris are fine and can make it past the mesh. With time, especially if you frequently run large loads of laundry, the lint can start to build up and cause problems.


Take a look at the outdoor dryer vent cap. Do you notice lint or debris? It may mean that the entire vent may need proper cleaning. If the build-up is too much, the debris can block the exhaust, which means the heat has nowhere to go! Then, you’re at risk for a fire.


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Dryer vent warning signs


There are a few signs that you need to have your dryer vents cleaned. Regular maintenance to your dryer and vents will make sure your appliances last. Here they are below!


  • Things are taking more than one cycle to dry
  • Clothes coming out hotter than normal
  • The dryer feels hot to the touch
  • Strange musty or burning smell coming from the dryer


How often do you need a dryer vent cleaning?


For most households, a dryer vent cleaning at least once a year is sufficient. But if you have a large family and frequently do laundry, you might opt for dryer vent cleanings twice a year. Plus, it’s pretty easy to tell if you should give Atlantic Bay Contracting a call, take a quick look at your vent pipe and check for build-up. If you notice lint debris in the tube, we can help take care of it.


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Atlantic Bay Contracting


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