Look At What our Air Duct Cleaners Found

At Atlantic Bay Contracting, we see a lot of incredible things as a team of professional air duct cleaners. Even after thirty years, the surprises keep coming. However, we’d like to take the time to share a video of what we found in a customer’s dryer vent.

Now, you may be thinking about gross and nasty thoughts, but don’t worry – we’re not going there! Once our team began work, we found something a bit common, yet alarming. It turns out these homeowners had no idea there were 11 gallons of water trapped in their vents. Who would, really?

While water might not be what you were expecting, it’s a pretty common find in our industry. Caused by condensation, water accumulates over time becoming trapped. Without the proper attention and care required for vent work, homeowners can face expensive and hazardous health conditions.

Because of the commonness of these surprising finds, we like to take the time to educate our customers. There are many components to ductwork which are often misunderstood and overlooked. Although you don’t need to be experts in the field (that’s why you have our team), you should have a fundamental understanding.


Why does water matter?

Whether in the home or outside, standing water causes a variety of problems. In this article, we’re focusing on in the home. To begin, a buildup of standing water will impact the efficiency of your dryer. If you notice that your machine is taking longer to dry your clothes, it could be your vent is holding onto moisture. Moisture retention will eventually make its way back in your dryer resulting in longer dryer times and higher energy costs.

In addition to this pesky energy problem, mold is another significant concern. Dryer vents are created to deal with higher humidity, but they are not designed to face gallons upon gallons of still water. Consider a local swimming hole – often, these areas close down during the hottest months of the year due to high levels of bacteria. Your home is no different. No matter where the problem lies, standing water and moisture leads to mold and mildew growth.

Mold can wreak havoc on the respiratory system. While some symptoms are clear, such as chest tightness, wheezing, and coughing. Other times, these mold symptoms present themselves as common allergies, making it difficult to identify the exact cause.





Fortunately, there are businesses like Atlantic Bay Contracting who are committed to improving the air quality in your home. From asbestos abatement professionals to air duct cleaners, our team will help you identify problem areas in your home.

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