Mice. The Unwelcome, Inconspicuous House Guests.

With over 25 years of experience, our professionals at Atlantic Bay Contracting have worked every kind of home imaginable. From multi-million dollar estates to Victorian homes and everything in between, our team has experience with many types of duct systems. With such vast experience, our experts feel it crucial for homeowners to recognize that no matter the year or condition of your home, chances of having mice house guests are likely.

Think mice can’t get in? Think again.

To begin, mice are stealthy creatures that enter homes in various ways. By utilizing the smallest cracks and holes in your walls, floors, foundations, improperly sealed windows and doors, siding, outside utilities, open garage doors, and other areas of your home, mice can easily slip in, even when you think their point of entrance is too small. into your home can become a larger problem during the winter months when rodents look for a place to hunker down for the cold season. Often making themselves comfortable in our air systems, mice leave behind dander and other gifts that can impact the health of the residents.

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Allergies? Maybe, maybe not.

Our professionals have worked with several customers who didn’t realize there were unwelcome house guests until after we had begun our work. Recently, our team visited a local customer who believed she was extremely allergic to cats. Having inherited her late mother’s cats, the thought of parting with them was not an option. Instead, the customer spent hundreds of dollars in medical visits and testing, looking for suitable treatment. Nothing worked, and she decided to suffer through her allergies to the point where living in her home was almost unendurable.

It wasn’t until Atlantic Bay Contracting stepped in and conducted air duct scrubbing with our patented Rotobrush® system that she found herself able to live in her home once again. What was later discovered was she wasn’t allergic to the cats at all, but instead, the mouse dander that existed within her ducts. Today, the woman remains in her home, with her mother’s cats, and can breathe easily.

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If you find yourself struggling with the air quality in your home, contact Atlantic Bay. Our air duct scrubbing services may be everything you need to live a healthier life. Please get in touch with our team of experienced professionals today to schedule your appointment by calling (617) 782-4986.  We look forward to making your home a healthier, safer environment!