Mold In Your Attic? Now What?

Have you discovered that you have mold hiding in the dark, wet corners of your attic? We can guess you have many questions about how it got there and what you should do next. Well, look no further than Atlantic Bay Contracting for the answers and remediation your home requires! Atlantic Bay is your team of highly trained and experienced attic mold repair specialists. 


Today, we are answering some of the most commonly asked questions about taking care of that pesky mold.


Why is there mold in my attic?

There are a handful of different reasons why mold may appear in your attic. Some of the most common reasons could be because of a lack of ventilation. Or, perhaps, there are issues with your roof such as lifted shingles causing a slight leak. 

Mold tends to fester and thrive in areas that are dark, wet, or humid. However, you may be relieved to know that mold does not grow as rapidly during winter as it does not like the cold as much as warmer areas. Regardless, it is still imperative to remedy the problem to prevent further damage.


Is the mold dangerous?

Mold comes in all different types and forms. In fact, there are thousands of different kinds of mold. Unfortunately, we are unable to determine if the strand of mold in your home is dangerous or not until it is looked at and identified. 

Because of the unknown, this is one of the many reasons why it is so important to get the mold removed as quickly as possible. Once mold spreads, it may cause further damage to your home, and if the stand is dangerous, it could pose a threat to your family. Whether the mold is toxic or not, it can still find a way to move further into your home and affect the air you breathe. Thus harming you by exposing you to asthma symptoms, infection, and more. 


How to remedy mold?

With years of experience, our experts do not recommend that you attempt to remove mold yourself. Why? Well, without meticulous and knowledgeable remediation services, mold removal can prove dangerous if done incorrectly. 


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For over 25 years, Atlantic Bay Contracting has been ridding mold, and much more, from homes across Massachusetts. We offer our customers a complete home, including attic mold removal and remediation services, protecting you and your family from the dangers mold can cause to their well-being. 


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