Most Common Species of Mold In Homes

In our previous article, we mentioned that there are thousands of species of mold. However, this article will focus solely on the three most common types of mold found in homes. Although there are at-home methods to clean up mold, it’s always best to consider professional mold removal services from the team at Atlantic Bay. Here is a look behind the scenes of what, and why, you should keep our number handy.


One of the most commonly found types of mold within houses is aspergillus. Although the health risk is minimal, long-term exposure can lead to allergic reactions and inflamed lungs. Furthermore, those with weakened immune systems may see immediate symptoms. With the use of a high-quality air purifier in the home, this type of mold can be reduced significantly.


Also commonly found in the home is Cladosporium. However, this type of mold will show symptoms in humans faster than aspergillus. Often found in carpet, wood floors and cabinets, as well as older fabrics and wallpaper, Cladosporium is known to cause respiratory issues. The presence of symptoms is associated with the production of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) by this specific type of mold.



Otherwise known as black mold or toxic, this type of mold is the most dangerous of the three. Although symptoms depend on the length of exposure, black mold is the root of several respiratory infections, chronic fatigue, and in some cases, the development of cancer. These symptoms are due to the fact that black mold creates toxic compounds known as mycotoxins.

One good characteristic of black mold is its distinct odor. Strong and musty, black mold is typically easy to identify by homeowners. Black mold is often found in damp areas like pipes and leaky basement foundations. At the first indications, it’s imperative to contact a professional mold removal service to have your home tested and remedied.

mold remediation

If you suspect there is mold within your home, it’s time to contact the team at Atlantic Bay Contracting. We offer professional mold removal, testing, and complete remediation services to both residential and commercial customers in the Massachusetts and Rhode Island area. Call us today to schedule your consultation (617) 782-4986.