The Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

The state of your air ducts are usually something that not many people think about until there is a noticeable issue . It is one of those things that you don’t think about checking on. While your air conditioning won’t be on during the winter, your heat will be. This means that allergens in your air ducts are still able to make their way through your home. Our team at Atlantic Bay Contracting will be your team for a professional and much needed air duct cleaning to make sure that the air you breathe is at its cleanest. 


Better indoor air quality.

Making sure that your air ducts are clean is important because clean air ducts means clean air. While you may not realize it, allergens from spring and summer such as pollen, dust, and dirt can still affect you, even in these cold winter months. These substances can cause asthma and allergy symptoms like eye irritation, headaches, rashes, fatigue, and more, all because of dirty air ducts. Once cleaned, your air ducts will be able to produce cleaner and healthier air.


Air Duct Cleaning


How often should you clean your air ducts?

Your air ducts should be cleaned every three to five years. However, this average also varies on climate, location, and HVAC use. After your home has been built or has undergone a significant renovation would also be an excellent time to get a cleaning due to dust from that possibly being trapped. 


Signs That You May Need A Cleaning

There are a couple of signs that may indicate that you are due for an air duct cleaning.

  • Mold: If your home is beginning to grow mold, it is a great time to get a cleaning. Particles from the mold can come up into the air and place themselves in your air ducts. Once it finds its way to the duct, it will begin to spread, which gives it a pathway to spread more particles back into the air. 
  • Dust: If you are seeing more dust than usual, it may be time for a cleaning.
  • Rising energy costs: One sign that you may come to see is your energy bill going up. When your air duct is dirty or clogged, you may not feel the air it is producing, which will lead to you needing to turn it up or down. Your air ducts will be working harder because there is not enough space in the filter for air to pass through. 


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Breathe In The Results

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