Top 5 Reasons For AC Duct Cleaning

The air is changing around New England. Everywhere you go the temperature has dropped, and the chill is following you wherever you go. As the seasons change, there’s a good chance you’ve changed the thermostat temperature in your home. Those AC and heating ducts are kicking back in to keep your home at the perfect temperature. As you use your AC and heating, you may notice that your allergies are becoming a problem or your bills are increasing. These are signs that you need AC duct cleaning. If you’re experiencing any of the following, you should consider cleaning out your ducts.

Air Duct Cleaning Massachusetts


The first thing you’ll notice about a dirty air duct is the dust. You can stand by the vents and watch. As the air blows through, you’ll see the dust coming through. While dust can come from the exterior surface of the vents, chances are the dust is coming from the interior. Dust in the air makes it harder to breathe and leads to a dirtier home.

Mold and Mildew

Humidity is a significant factor in the vents of a home. As moisture sits in the air, it can accumulate in your vents. Living in New England means that any vent will be exposed to moisture in the air at some point during the spring in summer. As it sits, mold and mildew are given a breeding ground to thrive.


As dust and mildew collect and are carried through your vents, you run the risk of allergies. This particles get into your nose and lungs and can lead to runny noses, chest discomfort, and even asthma attacks.

Pet Care

If you live in a home with pets, your health is not the only risk your taking with unclean air ducts. The same dust and mold that affect your health can damage the health of your pets. This is dangerous because you can monitor your own health easily, but noticing a change in your pet’s breathing can be more difficult.


One of the biggest reasons for AC duct cleaning is efficiency. Dirty ducts don’t run as well as clean ducts. This can lead to an increase in bills during an already pricey season like the winter. You don’t want to pay for the gas and then extra for the dirt. Make a one-time investment in professionally cleaning your ducts.

Don’t let your bills and health take negative impacts from dirty air ducts. Call the professionals for AC duct cleaning in your home. It’s safer for you, your pets, and your wallet. Contact Atlantic Bay Contracting at 617-782-4986 or visit us online.