A Look At What’s Lurking in Your Air Ducts

When homeowners consider their air ducts, there’s often a misconception around what (and how much) debris the system holds. At Atlantic Bay Contracting, we’re known as the premier air duct cleaners for several local communities. Because of our reputation, we’ve seen it all! However, one factor remains constant regardless of the location. That factor is called the shock factor. Shock over how much debris is trapped inside of the air duct system.

In this article, we’re taking you beyond the dust to a more in-depth look at your air vents.


Beyond dust, dirt is the one element people expect to find, especially in active households. Regardless of how well you clean, pets, foot traffic, and even leaving your windows open will attract dirt into your home. Like dust, dirt will inevitably make its way into your floor vents.

Animal hair and dander

If you have a household filled with animals, you are familiar with vacuuming your home a few times a week. Even just one animal with the right fur texture can cause endless hours of hair removal. Like humans, animals shed their hair (or fur) and dead skin. Though we attempt to keep up with this maintenance, fur and dander is quickly sucked into the air system.


These microscopic, living single-cell organisms can be classified as bacteria, fungi, or viruses. Microorganisms, given the right circumstances, form spores. More specifically, mold spores, which can lead to a plethora of medical problems and health concerns if left unattended.


In New England, we face all four seasons at full force. With the changing seasons, we also deal with the pollen that comes with it. No matter if we keep our windows open or closed, pollen can find its way into our air systems and make our seasonal allergies worse.

Rodent feces, hair, dander

No matter if you own a 200-year-old home or just bought a newly constructed condo, mice and other rodents find their way in. These animals are always searching for shelter, especially during the winter months, and often travels through our vents. With this traveling, they leave behind gifts for us, many of which are bad for our health.

Now that we’ve grossed you out a bit, it’s time to consider contracting a team of professional air duct cleaners, like ours at Atlantic Bay Contracting. From asbestos abatement to patented Rotobrush® duct scrubbing, we have your family’s best interest at the forefront of our job.

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