Winter Water Damage: Water Restoration

Here are three common ways water damage can occur in your home. 

In New England, temperatures are still below freezing, and the nights are windy and cold. While you might not think water damage can happen in the winter, think again! Here at Atlantic Bay Contracting, we know a thing or two about water damage in the home. Let’s check out a few common issues to consider during February. 


Roof Damage

Water damage on the roof is a valid concern, and if you’ve put off repairs or you decided against that house inspection before you purchased your home, this can lead to further damage in the winter.

  • Buildup of heavy snow adds weight and pressure to your roof.
  • Sun, Snow, Rain! Constant changes in weather patterns add strain to your roof.
  • Freezing and thawing cycles can create ice dams and buildup in gutters and under shingles.

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Flood Damage

Don’t second guess the welfare of your home in the winter! We know what you’re thinking—how can there be flooding in the winter? Even if the air temps are still cold, rain is just another weather pattern to watch out for! Because the ground is still frozen, rainwater has nowhere to go, and the runoff may find its way into your home, either through the roof, or your home’s foundation.  

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Freezing Pipes

Finally, water damage in your home can occur due to freezing pipes. Pipes will burst once they freeze because water expands as it freezes. The only way to shut off a water leak is by turning off the main water supply in your home. It’s best to label the main water supply so the source can be turned off quickly.


Here are some tips to prevent pipes from bursting in the winter:

  1. Insulate your pipes in the winter.
  2. Open cabinets to allow heat to circulate bathroom and kitchen pipes.
  3. On frigid days or nights, open your faucets to allow a slow trickle to relieve water pressure.


Have you experienced Water Damage?

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