Air Duct Cleaning

Why You Need Air Duct Cleaning and Scrubbing

Air Duct Cleaning Over time, air ducts gather debris and negatively impact the air quality in your home or commercial space. From mold to rodent dander to dust, airborne pathogens present in an air system are unknowingly and continuously distributed throughout the vented spaces. This bacteria can evoke negative bodily reactions, such as severe allergies and asthma.

The standard air duct cleaning many companies use remove some of the debris and danger in your duct system by attaching a hose that “sucks” out these items. What many homeowners don’t know, is that these cleaning systems are not nearly as effective as air duct scrubbing, and that’s why Atlantic Bay Contracting works with Rotobrush®.

Rotobrush® offers a patented brush-and-vacuum method as opposed to traditional duct cleaning. Utilizing a rotating brush, we do not simply pull out these pathogens with force of air but instead literally scrub your air ducts clean.

With just one visit from our trained, certified professionals, you will notice a significant difference in air quality in your home and energy efficiency compared to our competitors.